School Reopens _ after a long Covid_19 .... Break

TO ALL STDS, TEACHERS, PARENTS AND SCHOOL MANAGEMENTS  ,  Recess : Rather toooo. lonnng !!! Hopefully , the long recess is over . To reorient and concentrate  is not going to be easy for academic institutions.As the normal academic is nearly over , hardly time is left for studies and exams etc .on schedule .It will be prudent to either cancel the exams or postpone it reasonably to let the student community absorb the new reality and mentally prepare for normal work , by no means easy . Emotionally ,the  long gap of nearly two years  has thrown all stake holder's life hay wire . In rural areas in india  or underdeveloped countries , the loss of jobs  even in affluent countries or casulaties in home has reduced the families  shattered  and  food that too nutritional was difficult to get .The survival problem had been acute .Thus the student community in general suffered  though the only medium for instruction was online even for small kids  , the effects are scary . Now the reopening

Education in Covid-19 Pandemic

Covid -19 pandemic has brought a tremendous change in the world.

It brought a sudden full stop, in all aspects of every individual's life.

All people of all sectors suffered a lot.

Skilled workers stayed remained silent...

Job seekers stayed calm...

Private employees worked unpaid...

Employees of private sectors asked to quit...

Some were given temporary relieve...

Government held meeting upon meetings...

Unfortunately and the fact.... Many people lost their lives....

# Sudden Break to Educational Institutions…

All schools were suddenly forced to shut down in order to save children from this virus.

Initially, Schools now, started giving online education through different apps, by training their teachers for the online system. Gradually, it has become needful for all educational institutions, therefore later on most of the institutions tried to adopt for the online education system. Educational boards started bringing out the different types of policies in the systems ‘sop regarding online exams’.  

Exams/admissions are being  cancelled/postponed.

#Who suffered?

In fact, it’s students who are going to be our future. Yes, the little angels who were getting ready enter with their tiny feet in to the school religiously said to be the Saraswati temple... Couldn't step in. For few days school going students were happy but later on became bored up.

They started missing out the Class room, teachers, friends, floors and grounds of schools. The four walls of the house brought nothing in their life.

The online classes have been very much destructive for the students due to internet connections.  But students slowly started benefiting from it. Even, Universities started to gather the feedback to conduct the examination. There were lots of conflicts. But finally now universities started conducting examinations online.

Online platform brought new transformations in education. 

#How it's working?

The online education in India seems to benefit only near about 50% to 60% students. Many, nearly 40% of students are not having equipment. Like smartphones/ laptops, internet connection, proper net data etc. Likewise many students are unfortunately deprived of attending the online classes. A few of them are suffering due to interior location.

Off course, who are regular to the online classes are doing fairly well and producing good results. Online classes are mostly delivered through the zoom app and google meet app in India and home works and notices are being sent through bulk sms system and also using whatsapp group chat. Parents and students are responding it positively.

Even, the assignments are conducted online. 

#Educational Institutions

The educational institutions are truly trying their best to provide all the possible to its students. In terms of education, prescribed syllabus, activities and other required needs are being carried out by the schools.

The other dark part of the schools is very pathetic and unfortunate. Because it's very hard to accept. That is, the most of school are unable to meet the need of teachers, other employees. According to social media a good number of teachers changed their profession to run their family. 

Even many of the school owners committed suicide for this reason. In this case one must walk carefully and not forget that 'after dark night... sun rises'. Education must be carried on this covid-19 surely die and we'll win over it. Just protect self and near and dear ones following the government guidelines.

Many institutions have started free online education and preparing for online education platform. Now when we look the education, it has really become the challenging for all human being.  One academic session is going to end but no sign of opening schools doors.

Parents, who are concern of the future of their children trying hard to provide all the possible they can by protecting them from this virus.

We have to be ready to face the problems and believe one day; we are going to have what we are dreaming for. Keep on tying and learning in life.


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